So, what exactly is life coaching?

This is one of those crazy questions that has a lot of answers. But to me life coaching is about really getting some laser focus and clarity on what you want to bring into your life, and then working with you to cross over from your comfort zone to the place where you dream of being.  Sometimes it’s as simple as creating course of action and being accountable. Other times it’s about going deep to see what hidden beliefs are stopping you from chasing your dreams.

But the one thing every coaching session has in common is that you’ll leave having moved one step closer to what it is you want in life. Oh, and if you see me in person, there’s a good chance you’ll also leave with cookies. I do like to bake.



Why should I pay for coaching when there are so many books and resources available?

Great question! There are some amazing books and courses available online, many of which I’ve read and done. And you can definitely get shifts and transformations from both of these things, though my experience with being coached is that it can get to the problem and limiting beliefs a lot faster and with more precision. Also, after working as a children’s librarian for many years, I think that Neil Gaiman’s brilliant quote can also be applied to coaching:

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”

A coach can also hold you accountable in way that a book or course can’t.

What kind of coach am I?

Let’s just say that if My Little Pony and a rainbow had a child, I would be that child. I’m positive and heart-felt and really do believe that everyone has a special gift. I’m also a cheerleader and motivator who is on your side the entire time as you take action steps toward your goals! But I’m also a mother and a librarian by trade so I have the chops to haul you back into line when you need it!

Who do I work with?

Whether you’re a florist, an author or a photographer, if you have a vision in your heart that you’re ready to share with the world, then you’re the client for me. I love working with creative, purpose-driven people who are trying to step more fully into their life. I’ve helped writers, fashion stylists, musicians, scientists, librarians and students. I’d love if you were the next person on my schedule.

Do I need to live nearby?

Definitely not! I love working face to face with people and will be moving to Wellington in January 2018, but I’m available to work via Skype or phone.

What do I charge?

All my prices are listed under the ‘Coaching” page, but I’m always happy to create bespoke packages for people, so contact me and let’s talk!

What happens next?

After a discovery phone call or email to determine if we can work together, a coaching contract will be sent and once payment is received our sessions will begin. I still have a couple of slots available for November and am taking bookings for 2018.