I like to think I have a super power. It’s not flying or bending metal bars with my bare hands, but something way cooler–the ability to see the amazing light that is within everyone. That’s right, even when it’s buried  under the weight of doubt and fear, I can still see it shining brightly. And what I want more than anything is for the world to see the same amazing light that I do, because you’re destined for great things.

So, if you’d like to work with me to release your limiting beliefs and false stories that you’ve been living with, I would be honored.

How to know if you’re ready for 1:1 coaching

  • you’ve been reading self-help books, attending courses, looking for change.
  • you’re frustrated at still not getting the breakthrough you’ve been searching
  • you’re stuck in that terrible place of indecision and fear, too scared to move forward in case you pick the ‘wrong’ option
  • you’re feeling blocked but not sure what is causing the problem
  • you’re disappointed that despite all your best intentions you can’t stick to new habits
  • you’re scared that the life you want will never happen
  • you’re playing small and safe
  • you’re repeating patterns no matter how much you try not to
  • you’re hiding your light, worried what would happen if people knew the ‘real’ you
  • you’re overwhelmed with the bigness of the task at hand
  • you’re struggling with confidence and long for a blueprint to help you figure it all out

If you’ve nodded your head or said yes to any of these then I’d like you to stop for me a moment and close your eyes. Breathe slowly in through your nose and let it sink down into your body before releasing it. While you’re doing that I want you to know that you’re not alone. We all carry so much shame and guilt around, scared that if the world knew the ‘truth’ about us, they would judge us and find us wanting.

Brene Brown says that shame can only live in silence. Which means as soon as we start to face these fears and worries that we’ve been dragging around for so long, they will lose their power.

Who is my coaching for?

I work with authors and heart-centered creative folk who are called to do something magnificent with their lives. It could be traveling the world and blogging, or setting up their own coffee cart, or selling handmade clothes at the local market. Often this call starts out as a whisper, getting louder and louder over time. And while my clients might have different backgrounds and dreams, they all share an absolute passion for finding their breakthrough transformation, and stepping into their light. They are…

  • ready to take action, no matter how scary it might be
  • heart-centered and believe in a force greater than themselves
  • looking for mindset mastery
  • are filled with compassion and empathy for others in the world
  • are often on a spiritual and health journey while stepping into their creative power
  • are crazy freaking awesome
  • love laughing (and occasionally crying because letting go of old beliefs can be tough)
  • ready to make some money, because money doesn’t just buy cute shoes and pay the bills. It also allows us to step into our bigger vision for the world and to donate and help the charities and causes that we are drawn to.






What’s my role?

As your coach I’ll do many things. Sometimes I’ll be holding my cheer leading pom-poms, sometimes it will be a mirror so you can see yourself and your amazingness more clearly, and sometimes it will be to provide the flashlight as we delve deep. My commitment to you is that we will:

  • uncover and challenge your limiting beliefs
  • create clarity on your goals and dreams
  • uncover your authentic voice
  • unveil your daring and audacious vision of your life
  • create a bridge to move out of your comfort zone and into a new magnificent world
  • carving out space to support your vision and dreams
  • releasing pain and past hurts
  • getting clear on what you want to manifest and what you actually are manifesting
  • learning to take inspired action
  • develop a blueprint to live your life
  • immerse yourself in loving kindness both to others and to yourself. (did I mention you’re awesome?!)


What you get when you work with me

All my clients receive my Seven Days to Creative Space meditation series. These seven meditations are designed to be used daily, over the course of a week, to quieten down the demands of the outside world, so you can connect with your inner knowing. I’m a huge believer in meditation and it’s part of my daily practice. I’m also blessed to be married to a super cool musician who has composed this powerful music to bring you quickly into a meditative state.

A Time to Shine workbook to support the learning and discovery that happens over the course of our coaching sessions. It also includes journal prompts, powerful questions and vision boards to tease out your dreams and desires while shining light on the things that holding them back. Plus, you’re allowed to doodle in it!


“There are so many doubts that arise in an unpublished author’s mind, and I seemed to have them all! The mentorship and encouragement I received has been invaluable in tackling those limiting beliefs and set me on a path to believe in myself as a writer. With Amanda’s knowledge of the industry and craft, I feel confident in taking the next steps towards becoming a published author. I highly recommend working with Amanda if you are serious about writing and wanting to take it to the next level! ”

Sarah Zonneveld , Napier. Author and Fashion Stylist

“Trying to be a productive author whilst taking studies at university is a little hard to time manage. With Amanda’s wonderful help we were able to work out an effective strategy that keeps me writing in small bites. It has been an honest blessing as it has helped me stay in my story and my universe particularly when I have dry periods of no writing. I can’t thank Amanda enough for all her writing wisdom. She’s so much fun to work with. Definitely worth it. Love you Amanda!”

Efthalia Pegios, Sydney. Author www.efthaliaauthor.com

“Thank you for the gift of knowledge that you so generously shared. You have given me a confidence to write and I hardly slept that night from excitement. Yes, I have found my book, and yes, I cannot say no to the challenge. I wish you all the best.

Priscilla Gibson, Napier

“I was lucky enough to be coached by you, and you made such an impact on me. Through your incredible and intuitive questioning, you showed me how easily I see the good and beauty in the all people, but also challenged my thinking, which has triggered a change process. You have such a strong energy of support and acceptance, like everything I said was important and worth listening to. You made me feel worthy and special.”

Kirsty Fraser, Wellington


Coaching packages

90 Minute Creativity Blast! This is a one time session that goes deep into your blocks to rewrite those stories you’ve been carrying around with you for so long. This ideal for anyone who has started their journey but feels like they’ve taken a wrong turn along the way. Prepare for big changes!

1 x 90 minutes – $295 NZ

28 Days to Jumpstart Your Creativity (Let’s find your light and switch it on) – 4 x 60 minute sessions where we explore what your inner calling is and blast through any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Once you have clarity, we also work together to form a plan that will let you continue down your creative path under your own steam. Because you are amazing and your books, art and business needs to be out in the world!

4 x 60 minute sessions – $800 NZ

90 Days to Creative Freedom (Let’s take your light out into the world) – 12 x 60 minute sessions where I work with you to bring whatever your creative endeavor into the light in a meaningful way. This is the age of entrepreneurship and if you’re a mother wanting to work from home, through to stepping out into the cut throat world of bunny whispering (okay, if that’s not a thing, it sooo should be!). This package is to help you step out into the light, where you know you belong.

12 x 60 minute sessions – $2400NZ

90 Days to Get that Book Out of Your Head (aka No More Excuses Book Mentoring) – this is where the rubber hits the road! Trust me I get how hard it is to write a book! It took me ten years and thirteen unpublished manuscripts before I signed with an agent and got my first book contract. I have excuses for every occasion when it comes to not writing. But I also know just what it takes to get that butt down in the chair so your story can come out.

And, if you really want to write that book, I’m the girl to help you get it done. From clearing your limiting believes to helping you wipe the dust bunnies from your desk, this is a three month package where I will give you a blueprint of how to write a book, help you get clarity on your idea, provide you with the tools you need, and keep you accountable. By the end of our sessions you will have the satisfaction of finally achieving a long held dream.

We only have one life and you want to write a book, trust me – now’s the time to do it!

Included in this package is access to my online training courses, “Writing for Beginners” and “Writing for Intermediates.”

12 x 60 minute sessions – $2400NZ

VIP Day – one day to shining the light on your awesomeness – This is a full day face-to-face with me, where we will get deep into what your creative dreams are, blast through the things that have been keeping you small. We will then get dreamy where we brainstorm exactly what your amazing new life is going to be, before nailing down the action steps to make it happen. This is intense and life-changing. And it all happens in one day! And don’t worry, we won’t be coped up all day. There will be walking, eating, laughing. The only question is, will the world be ready for the awesomeness we’re going to unleash?

7 hour session – $1400


If none of these feel quite right for you, but you’re drawn to work with me (it was the promise of cookies and Star Wars quotes, right?) then please get in touch and I can create a bespoke package for you. Whatever your vision, if it’s heartfelt and soul based, then I can help you find the light. You’ve got this!