About Me

Like many creative people I’ve worn a number of hats – all at a jaunty angle of course, because otherwise what’s the point?! Anyway, let’s see. I’ve worked as a travel agent, a librarian, a chocolate taster (oh, wait. That was just a really great dream I had), and…well, you get the gist. I’ve done a lot of things, not to mention writing books, hanging out with my super cool husband, and raising my kids into the Internet loving, uber-snarky teenagers that they are today.

Along the way I also picked up a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, but the hat I feel most called to wear is that of Life Coach.

I’m absolutely passionate about helping people transform into the creative soul that they long to be. This obsession first came about as I struggled to figure out why my writing, which had once been so easy, had suddenly become so hard. And what I love most about my role as coach is that I get to spend time with the most amazing people in the world. Seriously, it’s kind of a privilege to watch people shake off their long held beliefs and spread their wings.

At this point I should confess that I also have a small, totally-under-control obsession with books, movies and television, and if you work with me, there’s a tiny chance I will quote Star Wars and Buffy to you at any given moment. You’ve been warned!

About my books

I’m a multi-published author who has sold nineteen books to Penguin/Random House, Entangled Publishing and Albert Whitman. My debut book, You Had Me at Halo was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award, and my first young adult book was listed by the New York Public Library╩╝s Stuff for the Teen Age. Because I’m mysterious I also writes middle grade books under the name, Catherine Holt.

If you want to find out more about my books, just head over to my website, amandaashby.com

And all the other stuff

  • I have an issue with raw bananas. As in I won’t eat them. Never have, never will. Though because I’m cute and adorable (and not at all annoying) I’m happy to eat them if they are in a buckwheat banana pancake, because that’s yummy!
  • I am a passionate English Football fan (soccer to the rest of the world). My team is Liverpool Football Club and over the years I’ve managed to sneak numerous football references into my books. For no reason but to amuse myself!
  • I’m an Aries who has no interest in small details.
  • I come across as an extrovert because I love spending time with amazing people BUT trust me once I need to recharge you won’t see me for dust. I’ve been known to stand up in the middle of a party and go home because it’s so draining.
  • Books are the central theme of my life and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t nose deep in a novel. Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer are two of my favorite authors who have given me so much joy over the years.
  • Buffy is my favorite television show ever, closely followed by Deadwood, because I like to be complicated!
  • Meditation is part of my daily practice and my whole life changed when I began to create space and silence for myself