This is how it starts

To write that book, leave that job, create a meaningful yoga practice. All these have one thing in common. They require your attention and your action. So many of us have amazing dreams about stepping outside our comfort zone and into a new world, but we can get overwhelmed with all the whats-ifs-and-buts, and so we retreat back to what we know, too scared to even glance into the glorious world we long for.

The professional term for this is “suckage.”

Sometimes it can lead to anger, or resentment, or at the very least, a gnawing sense of frustration that nibbles away at your belly or mind (normally at three in the morning, because who doesn’t like a bit of crazy induced insomnia thrown into the mix).

Yet, what so many of us forget is that our bodies are created with a built in map of how we can venture forth. It’s called the breath. Yup, it really is that simple. And no, don’t roll your eyes at me. I’m not going to make you sit down for a half hour meditation (though, actually, at some point I totally will). Today, all I require you to do is to close your eyes and breath into your belly. Then, when you are ready, slowly exhale out through the mouth.

Hooray. You did it. Welcome to the present moment. When we are connected to the breath in our body, our minds can’t travel back to what happened in second grade, or skip forward to how destitute we will be if we try and write that “Star Wars meets Jurassic Park” book we’ve been longing to try. Nope. All that our mind can do is sit back as we follow our breath.

Of course present moment is hard to sustain, but if you managed to do it once today, I bet you can do it again. And perhaps next time you could pick up your pencil. Or, make that sales call, or book that flight. Because here’s the secret. Transformation doesn’t happen in a blindly flash of lights, accompanied by jazz hands and a chorus. It happens when we take small, tiny, silent steps towards the things we want. And here’s the even bigger secret, when we don’t go towards what we want, there is only one person who suffers. Us.

So, congratulations on starting your new journey, and know that I’ve got your back!

Amanda xoxo

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