Hi, I’m Amanda! I’m an author, coach and teacher who helps amazing, heart-centered women struggling with confidence and self-belief, to write their books, create their art and start their businesses, so that they can live a fulfilled life, support their family and still have time for fun!

I’ve been walking the creative path for the last twenty years and have sold nineteen books to publishers, including Penguin/Random House, Entangled and Albert Whitman. I’ve also done craft markets for many years, selling handmade steel furniture as well as vintage linen and retro treasures, so hanging out with amazing, crazy-talented authors and entrepreneurs  has been one of the blessings of my life.

The downside of my journey is that I’ve also experienced every bump along the road–sometimes twice, because I like to be thorough! I also know how easy it is to hide away and stay small. It’s something I’ve done for many years, and even when I’ve searched for ways to step out into the world, it was all done in the dark–fumbling around and hoping that I could figure it out.

Until I discovered coaching, and suddenly the breakthroughs I’d been trying to achieve for years were happening in minutes. And I’m not going to lie–there were tears! But it also left me with the unshakable belief in the power of having someone else standing beside me, shining the light so that I could find my way.

And that’s why I’m here. To be your guide and cheerleader as you embark on your adventure, or to give you a hand if you’ve stumbled along the way. I’m the torchbearer who will help you go into the dark corners, standing by you every step of the way. And, as things get cleared away, we can make room for what it is you truly want to do.

So, what is that longing inside of you?

Is it to build a creative business? Write a book?  Or live a life that truly reflects the person you are on the inside?

Except every time you start, a small voice in your head whispers that you’re not good enough. Who are you to think you can write? Or that only crazy people try and make it as a singer or a poet (or, for that matter a singing poet). That starting a business in this economy in the way madness lies.

Trust me, I know how frustrating that voice can be. It becomes a push and pull, and the harder you try and step forward, the more it drags you back.

The technical term for this is ‘mega-sucky.’ Okay, perhaps I just made that up, but it does describe what happens when we listen to that voice. It can drain our confidence and self belief. It keeps us frozen and unable to take action. Even worse, it can keep us small and hidden (which is fine when we’re trying to avoid tigers and things that want to eat us) but in general, staying small isn’t what you we’re designed for.

So, how do we cross the great divide between the place where we are, and the place where we want to be? How do we find the confidence and belief that is needed to achieve all the things we’ve dreamed about?

There’s a great saying by Will Rogers. “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” So, the first step is to put down the spade and look at new ways of doing things.

That’s where I come in.

There’s nothing I love more than working with amazing, talented creative folks to get clear on their goals and help them move past the limiting beliefs that have been keeping them trapped for so long.  To lead them back to a state of confidence and self-belief. I truly believe that we all have a special gift. A unique story. An unheard song. A piece of art that the world needs to see.

I first started my own creative journey when I  realised how bereft my life would be if Jane Austen had been too scared to sit down and write her books (or too busy playing cards and pressing flowers, which I believe was the Internet and Netflix of the day). This powerful thought is what helped inspire me to write and eventually sell my books to major publishers, despite years of rejection. It also shaped my belief that somewhere out in the world, a person is waiting to hear the message that only you can give them.

As Wayne Dyer said, “don’t die with your music still in you.”

So, if you’re ready to step into your creativity and start taking action, I’m here to shine some light.

You got this!

Amanda Ashby xoxo

What my clients are saying


“There are so many doubts that arise in an unpublished author’s mind, and I seemed to have them all! The mentorship and encouragement I received has been invaluable in tackling those limiting beliefs and set me on a path to believe in myself as a writer. With Amanda’s knowledge of the industry and craft, I feel confident in taking the next steps towards becoming a published author.  I highly recommend working with Amanda if you are serious about writing and wanting to take it to the next level! ”

Sarah Zonneveld , Napier. Author and Fashion Stylist.www.instagram.com/sarahzonneveld1

“Trying to be a productive author whilst taking studies at university is a little hard to time manage. With Amanda’s wonderful help we were able to work out an effective strategy that keeps me writing in small bites. It has been an honest blessing as it has helped me stay in my story and my universe particularly when I have dry periods of no writing. I can’t thank Amanda enough for all her writing wisdom. She’s so much fun to work with. Definitely worth it. Love you Amanda!”

Efthalia Pegios, Sydney. Author www.efthaliaauthor.com

“I attended one of Amanda’s writing workshops and felt an immediate connection to her genuine nature (and those delicious brownies!).  I found her structured teaching style very relevant and helpful as I began my first manuscript, and she easily drew upon her vast knowledge of genre and character / plot development techniques to help each writer with their personal project.  The attention she gave each writer showed me she valued each of our stories and genuinely wanted to help them shine.  Her passion for storytelling and great sense of humour shone through, and her approach to the craft has inspired me to better understand my ‘voice’.  I cannot thank her enough for her ongoing encouragement and belief in my project.  I am no longer someone with a secret writing hobby, I am a writer!”

Sarah Myles, Napier. Author

“It was so lovely to “see” you today!! You are honestly the best life coach ever. Seriously, I think everyone needs an Amanda in their life!!”

Amy Hart, Auckland

“Thank you for the gift of knowledge that you so generously shared. You have given me a confidence to write and I hardly slept that night from excitement. Yes, I have found my book, and yes, I cannot say no to the challenge. I wish you all the best.

Priscilla Gibson, Napier

“I was lucky enough to be coached by you, and you made such an impact on me. Through your incredible and intuitive questioning, you showed me how easily I see the good and beauty in the all people, but also challenged my thinking, which has triggered a change process. You have such a strong energy of support and acceptance, like everything I said was important and worth listening to. You made me feel worthy and special.”


Kirsty Fraser, Wellington




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